About the Project

The Washington Secondary/Morristown Line Corridor extends from Phillipsburg to Morristown and provides rail freight access to businesses in Warren and Morris Counties.  Approximately twenty (20) businesses, located along the corridor and the connecting branch lines, rely on rail freight to receive commodities, ship finished products and compete in a global economy.  The bridge over the drain is structurally deficient and limits the weight of rail cars that can be carried across it resulting in the short-loading of many of the rail cars that serve the businesses along the corridor and the connecting branch lines.

Currently, loading of rail cars moved along the corridor is limited to 263,000 pounds (263K) per rail car.  Since 1995, the Association of American Railroads has maintained a national standard allowing loading of up to 286,000 pounds (286K) per rail car.  Improvements to the bridge to allow the movement of 286K rail cars would allow more cost-effective transport of materials to and from the rail-dependent businesses, supporting the growth of these business and the jobs and economic value they offer to the local and state economy.